Custom Cabinets

Turn Your Extra Room Into a Game Room with Custom Cabinets

Game room custom cabinetsIf you have an extra room that is rarely used but has potential, turn it into a game room and family game night will never be the same!

Many families have a room off the entry, an office or a guest bedroom that isn’t used as often as they’d like. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn it into a a hangout place for adult entertaining and family game night.

Here is your opportunity to incorporate beautiful shelving and storage along the walls. While white cabinets are still popular, a game room is a place you may want to go wild and consider a new color.

Install a home bar area along one side or into the corner for an extra treat. Create a place for snacks that is tucked out of the way but within reach of gamers.

The center of your room, of course, can have plenty of seating and a beautiful table for your gaming. Finish it off with some great accessories and a nice rug and you are ready for game night! Or maybe a nice quiet spot to do some reading.

Something tells us this will be your favorite room in the house.

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