Custom Cabinets

Essential Features For Maximum Custom Cabinet Storage

Essential Features For Maximum Custom Cabinet Storage featuring unique corner drawerYou’ve made the decision to add a new cabinet to your home. Of course it will have shelves and drawers – but how many and where should they go? Virtually all cabinets have storage but not all have GOOD storage. How do you achieve the maximum effective storage for your needs?

Here are 3 essential tips for maximizing the potential storage of your custom cabinets.


Drawers are ergonomic. Full extensions drawers are open to meet you instead of you squatting down and looking in. Just pull it open. Drawers are even more helpful as we get older and become more sensitive to lifting and reaching.

Drawers are flexible. Drawers can hold a variety of items and make them easy to see. Stack multiple drawers on top of each other. Give each drawer a different use.

Drawers make a clean design line. No matter what your design style is, adding drawers looks great. A stack of three drawers on the base is a great look.

Pull Out Shelves

Make it easy to get to the back of a shelf with a pull out. See everything and get ALL the way to the back. When you want the look of shelves but the ease of the drawer, a pull out shelf is a solution.

Corner Cabinet Storage

Corner storage cabinets have built in lazy Susan carousels or blind corner storage options that will help you maximize that dark corner where things can get lost. We can even build unique corner drawers.

The right custom cabinet storage options can make a huge difference. Be sure to discuss your storage needs with your designer and make sure they know what your plans are. Ready to learn more and get started on a custom cabinet design? Call us today at 702-233-8558.


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