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Top 7 kitchen design mistakes you should avoid

When designing your new kitchen,  you need to carefully consider all your options in the planning stages of design. The last thing you want is wishing you’d have done it differently, right?

Here are the top 7 kitchen design mistakes you should when redoing your kitchen:

1. Straying from the kitchen triangle

The three most used parts of your kitchen should form a triangle. Imagine drawing a line between your stove, sink and refrigerator. There are many options, but try not to obstruct the line with something like an island. Stray too far and your kitchen will be lot less efficient.

Kitchen cabinet design work triangle

2. Not planning enough counter space

You need room to spread and out prepare meals, in addition to all the other things you usually put there, including the coffee maker and fruit bowl. Plan enough counter space now, and you’ll help eliminate clutter later on.

Plan enough counter space in your Las Vegas kitchen cabinets

3. Not planning enough storage space

Plan enough cabinets, drawers and pantries. Think about things like pull out shelves to make reaching into the back of cabinets easier. Enough space to store everything means fewer items on countertops as well.

Kitchen cabinets with different heights

4. Not enough lighting

Consider adding under cabinet lighting to really light up your task areas and see what you’re doing. Your kitchen will feel brighter and cleaner with plenty of light.

Wouldn't it be great to come home to this custom kitchen? The under cabinet lighting invites you to cook up something delicious.

5. Not installing a backsplash

The backsplash does just what it implies. Helps to protect your walls. Make sure you install on and keep your kitchen looking newer longer.

Show off your beautiful dishware with glass cabinet doors in your new kitchen cabinetry.

6. Not staying true to your own style

Check out the latest design trends, but stay true to your own personal style. Kitchens are around for a long time and you want to be happy with yours instead of feeling it’s outdated within a few years.

This two toned kitchen features rich espresso cabinets with a French white kitchen island.

7. Not allowing for ventilation

If you’ve ever walking into someone’s home and smelled last night’s dinner, you’ll know what I mean about good ventilation. Investing in a good range hood that uses fans to route the air out through ductwork or vents will make a difference in your indoor air quality and help lengthen the life of your appliances.

Crisp white kitchen cabinets with a stainless stove. What's not to love?