Custom Cabinets

Refresh Your Living Room With Custom Cabinets

Entertainment center in Light FruitwoodCustom cabinets are an easy way to refresh your living room. If you’re like many people, you have a large TV that sits on a piece of store bought furniture. It doesn’t fit quite right under the TV and may not even match the rest of your home’s decor. So what do you do?

If you have a niche in your wall, you may have searched for a cabinet that’s the perfect fit for your space and come up empty handed. We’ve heard that story many times and we have the perfect solution: A built in cabinet made just for you and your home.

How Do Custom Cabinets Work?

When you buy a piece of furniture from a big box store, you often get something that is flat packed. What does that mean? You bring home a box and get the “joy” of having to assemble it yourself. What? You don’t want to have to assemble it yourself? I know what you mean. Leave that for the experts.

With custom cabinets there is none of that. We not only build everything for you, we design it for you. If you have a niche in your home that is 75 1/2″ wide, we are going to build you a cabinet that fits that space. With a store bought cabinet you may lost inches of lost storage on both sides. With custom cabinets, you’ll utilize everything and create custom storage just the way you want it.

The design process is easy too. You’ll see your custom cabinetry come to life on the computer. What does it look like with drawers instead of cabinet doors? We can show you that. What about a different crown molding? What about fluted columns? Or a dark finish instead of a light one? Let us show you all the possibilities available.

It’s a little exciting isn’t it?

Get Measured For Custom Cabinets in Las Vegas

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