Custom Cabinets

Platinum’s Color of the Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the 2013 Platinum Cabinetry Color of the Year. (insert dramatic music)

What’s that? We have a tie this year? See how fancy we’re getting?

After tallying up all the cabinets we’ve done in 2013, we’ve learned that Ashby has been overtaken by:

White and Light Fruitwood

Built in white wall unit in Las Vegas

Entertainment center in Light Fruitwood

Ashby was still popular though, and was tied with Nutmeg Cherry, Old World and Dark Oak. Dark oak  is almost as dark as espresso, without the additional cost associated with espresso, so it has become popular.

Ashby and Nutmeg Cherry are popular because they introduce a little bit of red – both are a reddish brown finish and a lot of times matches best with existing kitchens.

Of course, Old World is a great color (distressed or not) because it adds that extra depth and dimension with the darker glaze.

Wall Beds & library in Old World finish

Wall Beds & library in Old World finish