Custom Cabinets

New TV Means a New TV Stand

Built In Custom CabinetsYou’ve been tempted to buy a new TV and finally did it. It’s bigger and better and going to be awesome! And the spot it supposed to sit on is going to be too small! Oh no! What should you do when that TV won’t fit?

A custom built in cabinet and entertainment center is the perfect solution. No more measuring furniture when you’re out and about in stores and wondering how you will get it home. Or worse – have to try and put it together yourself. Let Platinum Cabinetry take care of all the details for you. We measure your home, your TV and your components. We’ll make sure your will fit, and look like part of your home as well.

Our cabinetry comes in a variety of colors, stains and finishes. We carry many door styles and molding choices. What does this mean for you? We can come up with something that suits your decorating tastes.

How about storage? Do you have video games you need to place near your TV? A cable box? We can build that storage right in. That’s the great thing about a custom wall unit. You’re getting exactly the cabinetry you want, and not settling for less like you would something that doesn’t quite fit and will quickly fall apart due to poor construction and materials.

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