Custom Cabinets

Getting a Built in Cabinet in Las Vegas is EASY

Wall to wall built in cabinets in Las VegasFinding the right custom cabinet maker can seem like a daunting task. Platinum Cabinetry makes is easy and removes all the guess work.

We all know about those “hole in the wall” spots that are begging to be filled in with something – that niche that many homes have. Cabinets are the obvious choice but nothing is a perfect fit. You try to find an entertainment center or wall unit from the store and it’s either too big or too small. Even if you do find something that is nearly the right size, it’s often not the right style or color doesn’t match the rest of your decor.

What do you do? Custom cabinets are what you do! And Platinum Cabinetry is who you call.

Las Vegas custom cabinets stains and color choices

We have more than 40 stains and finishes available. We also color match!

Custom Cabinet Options

We come out to your home with a laptop computer that has specialized software. Our expert designer will measure your space and discuss what you have in mind for cabinetry. What style are you looking for? Do you need extra storage space? Did you want more drawers or shelves? Glass doors or wood? Do you want it go all the way to the ceiling? What about a large molding or an simple one? The choice is yours. With custom cabinets we can make it happen without worrying if it will be too wide or too narrow for your space.

We don’t only create beautiful entertainment centers and wall units either. Oh no! Come talk to us about a new home office or bar or even remodel your kitchen with custom cabinets. We do it all with attention to detail and excellent service. Quite simply, we deliver what we promise.

Custom Cabinet Design Appointment

After hearing all that, we know you’re going to want to learn more and make a design appointment today so call us at 702-233-8558 now and let’s chat. We’re family owned and operated.