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From Installation to Decoration: A Guide to Built in TV Cabinets

If there’s one appliance that’s more central to a modern-day home than the TV unit, by all means, name it. There’s no denying that in today’s world, much of our entertainment centers around TV shows and movies. It’s a huge part of western culture, making the TV a key feature in any living room.

But the irony is, most of us have no clue how to decorate around a TV or how to include it as part of the features of our home. This is where a built-in TV cabinet can do wonders to transform your living room.

Here’s how to style your TV cabinet so that it fits in perfectly with your home.

1. Create Visual Appeal With Different Shapes

Not sure where or how to start when decorating a TV stand? A good place is with the types of shapes, textures, and materials you use in your chosen décor. A good way to create visual interest, depth, and character is to have some fun with different shapes.

But bear in mind that you don’t want to detract from the focus on the TV. So, keep your shapes subtle, but mix them up. For example, you could opt for different size vases, juxtaposed beside a candlestick or stack of books.

2. Keep Your Décor Neutral

This is a good way to create visual appeal without creating distractions. Sticking to a neutral color palette for your décor pieces also translates into a modern, sleek, and fresh aesthetic.

This also helps your décor blend in well with your built-in TV stand for a cohesive, finished look. Some great neutral tones include gray, white, beige, and even black. Subtle, muted metallics are also a good option.

3. Focus on Coordination

There are times when overly coordinated décor can look just plain boring. And then there are times when it creates perfect cohesion in the room. This is the case when decorating a built-in media center or TV stand.

Essentially, you want your living room to look ”put together” with the addition of your TV stand décor, but you don’t want it to detract from the central focal point, which is the TV.

Pick a color scheme that creates coordination between your TV cabinet, your décor, and the rest of the color scheme in the living room itself. For example, if your TV unit is dark wood, opt for darker accessories, complemented with black hardware accents.

4. Avoid Overcluttering

This is a common faux pas when decorating just about any type of unit or shelf. Overcluttering the space can make your home or living room more crowded than you’d like. It can also come across as tacky.

Simplify things for yourself and stick to about four to five decorative pieces for your TV cabinet. You can then add in other decorative elements such as books. Grouping elements on a small tray or stacking books are great ways to create an organized, well-placed feel.

5. Tie Everything Together With Greenery

If your TV unit is looking a little bland, almost like it needs an injection of color, faux greenery is your go-to. Invest in a couple of leafy, delicate plants that add a sense of life and lushness to your built-in TV cabinet.

Don’t forget to consider the color of the vase and ensure it ties in with your chosen color scheme.

Looking for a Custom Built-In TV Cabinet For Your Home?

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