Custom Cabinets

Don’t Move. Remodel with Built in Cabinets

Custom cabinets in Centennial HillsThe cost of homes is getting higher and higher in the Las Vegas area. You may have considered moving but then looked at housing prices and thought to yourself – Nope! Why move when you can make the home you are in now even better?! How do you do that? Built in cabinets that will not only make it more beautiful but will also provide the storage space you’ve been craving.

Built In Cabinets For The Living Room

You’ve seen built in cabinets in decorating magazines and thought – I need those in my house too! They hold more than just a simple tv and cable box. Oh yes. Built in cabinets will hide away every piece of electronics you have. No more cords. No more video games hanging out. A place for all the controllers, the chargers, even the VR headset. Neat and tidy and not gathering dust on your end tables or waiting to have a drink spilled on them.

Home Office and Built In Bookshelves

Are you working at home now as so many of have been lately? If you’ve been feeling cramped on a tiny desk or maybe even a (gasp) kitchen table? You deserve a real home office with built in file cabinets, a place for your computer, and all the storage you can use to actually organize what’s on your desk. Reclaim that kitchen table for its actual purpose. Bookshelves can be filled with your own personal library, and you may finally get to read the books you’ve been collecting.

Home Bar Cabinetry

Now that the workday is done, it’s time for a cocktail. You’ll be relaxing in style in your own home bar. Be your own mixologist creating martinis and more. Or maybe you prefer a beer tap? Why not have both? All your friends will know the party is at your house.

Get Started on Custom Cabinets

Now is the ideal time to get started on custom cabinets for your home. Call us today for a free estimate and get more info. We’d love to answer all your questions.