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Custom Murphy Bed

Wall beds can be a great space saver and quite practical if you have occasional house guests. Install it in your home office, craft room or tv room and free up space for your day to day needs, compared to a traditional guest room.

Murphy bed and wall bed in Las Vegas

When guests come to visit, it’s easy to open the bed for your guests. It’s almost like adding another room to your home!

Wall bed being lowered into the open bed position

Murphy bed being lowered into the open position. (Shown without mattress that would normally remain in the bed in the open or closed position.)

Murphy beds are popular when floor space is limited. We offer additional options including storage cabinets, lighting, and even built in extending closet rods that, just like the built in wall bed, hide away when not in use.

Add a little closet to your wall bed with this built in extending closet rod.

The Murphy bed features a built in extending closet rod that is there when you need it, and hidden away when you don’t.

Make more room in your home and gain an extra bedroom.

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