Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets Are the Best Choice

Custom entertainment center built into wall nicheStock cabinets are often not the best choice when you have niche or “hole in the wall” you need filled with cabinets. The particle board covered with veneer that is mass produced simply won’t stand up long term and it certainly won’t be the best solution for your home decorating needs. That’s where Platinum Cabinetry’s custom cabinets comes in.

Instead of mass-produced cabinets, we custom build each cabinet one by one, to every customer’s exact needs. Our clients in the Las Vegas area receive unique, one of a kind cabinetry that is custom fit to their needs.

Custom Theater Rooms and Libraries – Entertainment centers and bookshelves that are built into your room.

Display Cabinets – China hutches and curio cabinets to show off your collections.

Custom desks and home office furniture – Built just the way you need it with storage for your computer tower, printer and everything else.

Kitchens and Home Bars – Maximize your storage space and create a beautiful look that can’t be matched without wasting space with useless fillers.

Learn more about custom cabinets in Las Vegas by calling us today at 702-233-8558 to schedule your free consultation.

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