Custom Cabinets

Buying Custom Cabinets in Las Vegas

Built in entertainment center home theater in Las VegasBuying custom cabinets in Las Vegas has never been easier with Platinum Cabinetry to guide you through the process.

With so many homeowners moving and upgrading their homes, and remodeling the homes they are already in, built in cabinets are a natural part of remodeling process. But where do you begin? With a hammer and some nails? For most homeowners that’s a little overwhelming.

That where the experts at Platinum Cabinetry come in. We’ve been doing custom cabinets for decades. That’s right! DECADES! We know how to wood works. What looks good. We’ve been all over the Las Vegas valley. From ((xxx to xxx, and yyy to yyy.)) So when it comes to built in entertainment centers and home theater rooms we know where to put that big screen tv and how to make it look like it was a natural part of your home décor. Many of our clients add a home bar to their home theater room. A full sized home bar with built in lighting will keep you feeling grand, however a smaller home bar can to the trick too. We can show you how both would look. Which one would look best in your new media room upgrade?

What do you think about a home office? You’ve been working from home for months. It’s time to put away the folding table and give the dining room back to the family for dinner time. We are going to design the best home office you’ve ever seen, with all the cabinets, spots for your supplies, computer, and printer. Everything in reach. Isn’t it time you stop talking about doing this and finally do it? Don’t forget the library wall.

While we are there, let’s take a peek at that master bedroom too, shall we? What? You didn’t even consider putting custom cabinetry in the master bedroom, but we can upgrade you to the cabinets you were meant to have in there. Do it all at once. You deserve this.

Now all there is to do is decide on the design of your new custom cabinets. Time to schedule a design session. Call us now at 702-233-8558 to get started.

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