Custom Cabinets

Built in cabinets

Get a great deal on built in cabinets, bookshelves and shelving with Platinum Cabinetry. It’s no secret why built in cabinets are so popular. Built in cabinets are space savers and give the impression that they must have come with the original house. Platinum Cabinetry handcrafts custom cabinets that fit your space and your budget. Don’t waste your time with pre-made cabinets that leave unsightly gaps and waste space.

We’ll make the most of your space with our built in cabinets that feel like fine furniture. All of our cabinets are built to order, right here in the USA, in Southern California. Our cabinets come in all styles, from traditional to modern.  With over 40 stains and a finishes, and a variety of real wood species to choose from, we can create the look you’re after.

Built in cabinets in dining room.

Built in cabinets for any room in your home


Built in cabinets for your kitchen set the look and feel for your home’s style.

Living room

Built in cabinets make an excellent wall unit or entertainment center to hold your tv and media center components.

Dining room

Store your nice dishes, fine china and beautiful glassware by keeping it safe and dust free in built in cabinets.


Use built ins in your closet as dresser. Use a Murphy bed when you need more space.


Built in cabinets in the office are a natural fit. Use bookcases and desks, and as many file drawers as you need. With custom cabinets you never have to settle.


Built in cabinets make stunning bathroom vanities.


Built in storage cabinets in your garage keep your belongings organized and safe. Finally, the extra storage you’ve always wanted, without sacrificing all your floor space.

Our combined experience spans decades. Put us to work for you, and get built in cabinets you will love for years to come.