Custom Cabinets

Built-in Cabinets for Every Room of Your Home

Want to potentially increase the resale value of your home with a change you’ll love today? Built-in cabinets may be for you. Potential buyers love the additional storage and beauty of built-ins in a home, and you will too.

Custom cabinetry doesn’t have to just be for the kitchen. They are a great way to upgrade any room in your home. Let’s take a look at how you can use built-in cabinets throughout your home.

Dining Room

Built-in cabinets don’t need to end in the kitchen. Including them in your dining room is the perfect way to add beautifully-looking storage. In fact, built-ins are a great place to store and display your nice china.

You can also include decorations that tie in with the holidays and season. When you entertain, guests will be delighted at how put-together and festive your space looks.


Built-in cabinets can be very helpful if you need additional storage in an area that doesn’t have a lot of space. This can be especially true in the bedroom.

With built-ins, you can create storage space in areas that would otherwise go unused, for example around the bed or door.

If you have a closet, you could also add built-in shelving there. This makes organizing your wardrobe much easier. Imagine how much hassle you could save by not digging through cramped, poorly organized drawers every morning.Built in bedroom cabinetry with dresser and closet in Las Vegas

Living Room

If you want to take your interior design up a notch, consider adding built-in cabinets to your living room. Wood cabinets look beautiful and provide a touch of class for any room. Imagine how beautiful they would look surrounding your fireplace, for instance.

Since you can mix the types of cabinets you install, it’s easy to add storage space while maintaining the look you want. You could add closed cabinets to areas where you want to store away electronics or other gadgets. But, you can also leave some shelves open to set decorations on.

Home Office

Almost every home office could benefit from built-in cabinets. They allow you to store books, paperwork, and other necessary belongings in a beautiful way. You can even add interior decoration items that make the space feel more comfortable.

Having a tidy, comfortable space can even help you become more productive. Plus, you can match your cabinets with the other aspects of the office, such as your desk.

Mudroom/Laundry Room

Mudrooms, laundry rooms, and other utility areas have the potential to become overwhelmed with items that need to be stored there, as well as with junk that just accumulates there. Luckily, built-in cabinets can help you store away items you don’t want sitting out. Just imagine how much less cluttered your laundry room would be if all of your detergents and other items were behind cabinets.

Custom cabinets allow you to perfectly fit around appliances, sinks, and other aspects of your room. No need for gaps and wasted space caused by stock cabinetry.

How Will You Use Built-in Cabinets?

Whether it’s your living room or home office, custom built-in cabinets are an effective way to add additional storage to your home. Since they look like they belong and have always been there, they are a seamless addition to any space.

If you’re ready to take your interior design to the next level, contact Platinum Cabinetry for a cabinet design appointment!

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