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Built-in Bar Cabinets Design Ideas

If you want to enjoy a drink at home rather than out, you can still re-create the experience with a home bar.

Here are our favorite built in bar design ideas to inspire you.

Shaker-Style Bar

Shaker-style cabinets will add timeless elegance to your home, making it the perfect choice for a built-in bar. The shaker style works best with muted, neutral colors.

Consider adding some glass-fronted custom cabinets and a wine rack for added class and glamour. And don’t forget to include some carefully placed spotlights and lowlights to help your bar become a striking statement piece in your room.


Perhaps you’ve space at home for a large cupboard, but figure it’s not roomy enough to fit a built in bar.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can add a hidden bar, where the drinks cabinet sits behind a sleek, concealed cupboard door.

Luxury Hotel

Why not mimic the style of a luxury hotel? For this design, you need to imagine glossy wood surfaces, maybe some art deco touches, and plenty of soft furnishings in plush fabrics.

Choose dark, rich colors for this style, and stretch the budget to help you achieve that glamorous finish. Built in Bar Cabinets Design Ideas


Perhaps your interior style is contemporary, and you’re looking for a more modern built in bar cabinet design. I’m that case, opt for a minimalist bar with clean lines and monochrome color schemes.

Keep accessories to a minimum, and store drinks and glasses behind cupboard doors. Investing in designer seating can help turn this bar into an elegant and high-end addition to your modern home interior.


You can have lots of fun with a bar design. After all, home bars are fun! So why not choose an eclectic theme, mixing and matching colors, styles, and materials?

Use social media to get some inspiration and create a mood board to help the eclectic look come together. Add some unusual art to your bar, as this will provide a great talking point for your quirky home addition.


If cocktails or beer isn’t your thing, fortunately, there are lots of other ideas for a bar area that you and your guests will enjoy! You could recreate the relaxing experience of your local coffee house and add a coffee bar.

Invest in a chrome coffee machine and choose classic dark wooden cabinet designs for a sleek, trendy look.

Your Next Home Renovation: Built in Bar Cabinets

Built in bar cabinets can add a touch of luxury and fun to any home. Use these ideas as your inspirations for your dream home bar.

Call Platinum Cabinetry to get a quote for your bar design, and let’s help you achieve that perfect finish.