Custom Cabinets

Avoid kitchen design problems

Before beginning your kitchen remodel, keep these tips in mind to avoid problems down the road.

  1. Is there is enough counter space between sinks and appliances?
  2. Is there enough space in corners for doors and drawers to fully open?
  3. Where will the pulls be placed? Will that interfere with any appliances or doors or drawers?
  4. Is the microwave oven at the right height?
  5. Did you add enough under cabinet lighting?
  6. Is the kitchen triangle appropriate in size and placement?
  7. Do you have enough storage space?
  8. Are your upper cabinets deep enough to accommodate your largest plates?
  9. Have you added pull out shelves in your pantry so you can reach the back easily?
  10. Is there enough space between your stove and stove hood?

Kitchen cabinets with different heights